COVID-19 Resources — Information you need to be prepared

A second wave of COVID is currently running through India. The infection rate is severe and our healthcare system is under tremendous pressure. There’s a general panic spreading through the population; while a number of people have been infected and are fighting to get better, millions of uninfected people are trying to cope with tremendous mental fatigue and fear. In spite of these unfortunate developments, several people are rising to the occasion and stepping out of their comfort zones to support the fight against COVID. In this article, we honor some of these heroes, who are working relentlessly to improve access to information required to fight to fight the virus. In the following sections, we talk about how to use these sources, who the people behind them are and how you can use these resources to stay prepared. a platform that can be used to find leads for oxygen, plasma, ventilators or medicines in any city. This product has been created by a twitter user named Umang and has helped a number of my connections find resources they were looking for. The UI is extremely easy to use and based on the parameters entered by you — you can filter on the type of resources, such as oxygen or ventilators etc, and the city where you need these resources — a page containing relevant tweets are shown. While you’ll find a number of tweets very useful, there are a few bad actors trying to profit from the pandemic. We’ve written about one such case about oxygen canisters here. You can also use this COVID resources dashboard as an alternative.

How can you help: You can also help these projects either by posting new leads on twitter or by verifying existing leads.

COVID Fight Club: A brilliant repository of COVID resources wherein each lead has flags denoting whether the lead is verified or not, available on call or not and whether the resources are still available or not. Moreover, the COVID Fight Club Team frequently adds and updates leads to ensure that the information available on the site is accurate. How can you help: Head over to their twitter page and give these guys a shoutout for the great work they’re doing. You can also volunteer with them, add leads on their website or encourage your acquaintances supplying such resources to register there.

You can also find a ton of other resources collated here. This repository contains links to the resources mentioned above and many more such sources. We will also keep updating this post with more curated resources soon.

We hope you find this information helpful and we’ll keep posting relevant information on the people and organizations stepping up in this pandemic.




I'm building products to aid social workers and Non Profits in India. I also like to write about relevant social issues.

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Sagnik Mukherjee

Sagnik Mukherjee

I'm building products to aid social workers and Non Profits in India. I also like to write about relevant social issues.

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